3 Amateur mistakes and how to avoid them (and profit from them) – episode 37

It’s 2015 and Mark’s back with powerful Real Estate mentoring advice.

3 AMATEUR real estate mistakesOn today’s episode he’s revealing 3 of the most common amateur mistakes he sees in the business of real estate investors and teach you how to avoid them and profit from them.

PLUS, Mark’s going to teach you how to take your dreams and turn them into the kind of actions that will bring those dreams into reality. Most big dreamers work far too small. They keep everything in their own lap, unwilling to pass along vital aspects of their business to other people who can help them accelerate it into the stratosphere. Keeping it all on your own plate is too small, it’s too limiting. You can’t get high level results if you don’t work in high level ways. That means building a reliable, competent, high level team and a high level system for that team to work.

Mark’s able to do this no matter where he is in the world, no matter what’s happening in his life, and no matter what’s going on in the world. No push-button system is going to do all the real work that has to be done for your business to grow. You can’t be managing real estate all the time, you need to be managing people. It’s those people that will move your business forward.

That means you’ll have to find people to take on the specific roles you need – sales managers who can build sales teams, detail-oriented people who can handle your administration and paperwork, graphic artists who can create the copy and images that will sell your business for you. You don’t have to bring them on full time or even part time. You can start out doing it on a case-by-case business. Stop dreaming big and playing small. Take the action steps that will move your big dream forward.

Then Mark’s going to reveal the 3 amateur mistakes many real estate investors make.

  • Trying to sell instead of engaging and extracting.
  • Leaving a potential deal without a signed contract. You don’t have a chance of making any money until a contract is signed.
  • Continuing to call a potential buyer with more and more questions. Take your time to figure out all the questions and ask them all at once.

Finally, Mark’s personal invitation to the upcoming Hot Seat Event.


  • Are you dreaming big but playing small? Mark’s advice on how to get out of that place.
  • The importance of building a team that works for you.
  • 3 Amateur things, how to fix them, and how to profit from them.
  • The value of being real in every interaction.
  • The power of learning to engage and extract.


If you have $5000 and want to ramp up your business, you need to talk to Mark about the upcoming Hot Seat event.




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