Episode 41 – 4 questions that will help you take the world by storm

Do you want to know what’s wrong with your life and business?

These 4 questions will help you discover it.

Mark has returned from a couple of mastermind groups in Las Vegas and he’s pumped to equip you to take the world by storm. It takes the right answer to the 4 questions Mark is going to cover in this episode. These are not questions you should answer immediately. Take some time. Stew over them. Then start writing down your answers.

The answers you come up with will reveal the areas where you need to make changes so that your life and business can move to the next level.

What are your blind spots? You won’t know if they’re true blind spots. That’s why you need to be involved in a mastermind group or a hot seat-type event. You’ve got to be around other people who are doing the business just like you, who can see your blind spots and point them out to you. This alone could transform your life and business.

What is your end game? Do you know? Do you have a clear picture of what it is you’re after and how you’re going to get to it? Too many people slave and work without know why. This question will reveal your why. It’s the “why” that keeps you motivated and moving forward. Find out what your end game is.

What is your legacy going to be when you leave this world? What are you going to leave behind when you die? Are you going to leave behind a solid reputation? A legacy of generosity toward your family? A business that can continue to serve others when you’re gone?

What legacy are you living right now? What do people know you for? Mark’s known as the “deal maker” (the DM after his name). What are you known for? This question will reveal to you what you are doing and what changes you should make to do even more. You want to know the answers to these so that you can move yourself ahead.

Don’t miss listening to the episode as Mark expands on each of these powerful questions and tells you what it’s going to take for you to change your answers for the better.


  • The importance of only focusing on people who are ready to help themselves.
  • Look at yourself if you are dealing with too many tire-kickers. You’re allowing it.
  • Exactly what Mark does to get motivate sellers.
  • The importance of data in your business and how it impacts increasing your closing rate.
  • What are your blind spots?
  • What is your end game?
  • What is your legacy going to be when you pass on?
  • What legacy are you living right now?


Hot Seat Invitation




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