A simple strategy to make millions of dollars – step by step – EPISODE 63

Real Estate Investing is not really all that complicated. It’s people who have properties that need to be sold, connecting with people who want to buy them. As you get involved in a deal like that, you’ve not only got the opportunity to make some cash for yourself, you’ve also got the chance to help those people accomplish their goals. How do you start making that happen? It’s very simple. In fact, the main tool you need to accomplish it is something you already have and simply need to learn how to use effectively. In this episode Mark announces a great deal on a course he’s creating that will walk you through the step by step process he uses to find buyers and sellers and move his business forward.

The simple power of a well-crafted phone call.

That’s what Mark’s new course is going to be teaching you. New course? That might shock you. For a very long time Mark’s said that he’s not a course guy, but a businessman. But he’s come to realize that he’s got some very practical stuff that can help you move your business forward, things he uses in his business every day, and he’s got to share it with you. Mark is in the process of creating this course right now and is eager to offer it to you for a bottom-dollar price of $100. Someday soon this course will sell for $1000 or more, but now you can get in on the ground floor. You’ll learn how to open and close calls, how to handle angry people, how to deal with objections and insults, and much more. Listen to this episode to get all the details.

Don’t be over-educated.

It’s a real danger to keep learning and keep learning to the point that you feel that you’ve got to learn even more before you can take action. But you can’t be one of those people if you want to get your real estate investing business rolling to the next level. You’ve got to take action on what you know, and learn as you go. In this episode of The Real Estate Power Hour Mark is going to show you how you can do that with simple phone calls. If you follow his simple system you’ve got the opportunity in your hands to make more money than ever before.

Contacting potential buyers and sellers is not “sales,” it’s service.

You’ve got to make that mindset shift if your business is going to be successful. The fear of “sales” is what keeps many people from making the calls or sending the correspondence that can get the ball rolling toward successful Real Estate Investing deals. But you’ve got to change your thinking. When you contact a prospect you’re approaching them with an offer to help. They have properties they need to sell, and you’re able to connect them with buyers. Or perhaps they have money they need to invest in cash producing opportunities, and you can connect them with the people who can use their money wisely and give them a great return. It’s really that simple, and you’re the one who can help them. Listen in as Mark walks you through the reasons you need to be reaching out to help more people, on this episode.

How you can move your real estate investing business up not just one level, but many levels.

You’ve got to come to one of Mark’s “hot seat” events. At these events you’ll be sitting across the table from a variety of real estate professionals who are all there to learn the strategies Mark uses to crank out 6 figures in income every month. You’ll learn not only from Mark, but from the lessons learned your fellow participants share, and together you’ll move your businesses forward in practical ways. This isn’t a “rah rah” session, it’s hands-on advice and tactics that you’ll implement while you are there. To be a part of one of Mark’s hot seat events, contact him at www.TheRealEstatePowerHour.com


  • [1:24] Mark’s welcome to the episode.
  • [2:03] The power of the phone – the simple thing in your pocket that can empower your business. Give me leads and a phone.’
  • [3:03] Mark’s Periscope trainings teaching you how to address motivated sellers.
  • [4:44] Mark’s course: teaching you a special skill set for maximizing your business – contact Mark at www.RealEstatePhonePower.com
  • [8:06] Measuring your activities to grow them, which will grow your business.
  • [10:00] How to position yourself as a professional in a world full of bozos.
  • [11:24] The problem with over-educating yourself before taking action.
  • [12:36] Why Mark has never done this training before.
  • [14:13] What you should think and do when people get pissed off when you call them.
  • [14:40] How to get people with money to be calling you for deals.
  • [17:48] Mark’s promise that you’ll never ever have trouble finding people with money to get involved in your deals again.
  • [18:53] Could you leave Mark a review on iTunes? Email Mark and let him know you left a review and he’ll send you a free gift.
  • [19:57] Mark’s upcoming Hotseat event. If you’d like in on one in the future, contact Mark now.
  • [23:00] Using the phone to make as much or as little as you want.
  • [24:07] How contacting buyers is helping them. You need to reframe your mindset to think that way.
  • [26:27] How one man is working hard to leave his wife a financial legacy through investing, and how Mark is helping him accomplish it.
  • [27:30] How can you deliver happiness to your buyers and sellers every day?
  • [28:39] Get this course before it goes up to $1000 – it’s only $100 now!


www.RealEstatePhonePower.com – Mark’s new $100 course.

www.TheRealEstatePowerHour.com/contact –  Contact Mark about the “Hot Seat” or anything else.



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