Mark Evans, DM, DN is a six-time, best-selling author, full-time world traveler and full-time virtual real estate investor. He is a master at creating multiple streams of income and is a life-long student of marketing. As such, he has turned his attention toward reaching out to others; to teach them how to live life on their terms.

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Mark has developed many ground-breaking online systems and best-selling real estate products. These online tools allow investors to easily create multiple streams of income online in their sleep.

Not only is Mark a real estate investor but he has subsequently become a successful Real Estate Investing coach and has students all around the world. He gets excited about helping others who are ready and willing to help themselves! His willingness to help is more than just words { Mark offers simple but powerful instruction, guidance and direction through his many programs.

This six-time, best-selling author (with many more to come) has a passion and a zest for life that is infectious. This zeal for life and reaching out is reflected in the fact that he donates book sale percentages to well-deserving charitable foundations. These philanthropic endeavors help those less fortunate. Says Mark, “We can always do more by helping others to achieve their goals.”

By achieving all of this (and more!), Mark Evans DM, DN truly does live up to his title of Deal Maker and Digital Nomad!


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