Are you being a punk? – Episode 54

Mark Evans is fresh off his big home giveaway event over the weekend of June 20th, 2015. Mark partnered with a couple of great organizations to giveaway a home, from the toothbrushes on up. He gives away a home to give back to the community and to help people who truly need a hand up when hard circumstances have hit their lives. It’s a great thing that he’s excited to do. Find out more about how the event went in this episode of The Real Estate Power Hour.

Coming home from the event Mark had a great conversation with a couple of guys about financial abuse. Financial abuse? What is that? It’s when the people who should be teaching you how to think rightly about money, how to earn it, how to use it, and how to invest toward the future, never teach you those things. Instead they might teach you the opposite – that people with money are evil, or that events like the one Mark just put on have some sort of angle to them, or else the person putting it on wouldn’t be doing it. Do you have financial scars? Do you know how to stop them from tearing your future apart? Find out in this episode.

If you allow yourself to remain hostage to the financial shackles that have been handed to you by your upbringing or your past, you have nobody to blame but yourself. The things that hold people back are fear, procrastination, etc. – and they all stem from the wrong financial beliefs that they’ve been given by their family or their past.

Why can’t you be an ultra successful real estate investor? Why do you have to remain where you are? You may have reasons, but there are no excuses. You can make things in your life change for the better if you will simply get started. You don’t have to figure out anything except how to begin making calls to investors, sellers, buyers, and money people, every single day. In this episode Mark’s going to lay it all out for you through his Certified Deal Maker Money Map. You don’t want to miss it.

money map

In the end, the only person who can change your life is you. Yes, you may have hit on some hard times. Yes, you may have challenges and obstacles, and difficulties. Everybody does. But you will never realize the success that is possible until you decide that you’re no longer going to wear those messed up money goggles you were handed and begin moving in a direction that will make you money, change your lifestyle, change your life, and impact the lives of countless others. You can do it. Only you can do it. Find out how to get started on this episode.

All of that and more motivation and inspiration on this episode of the Real Estate Power Hour.


  • Summary of Mark’s house-giveaway birthday bash.
  • The reality of financial abuse.
  • How financial lies can destroy your future.
  • How to break out of the financial bondage that keeps you stuck.
  • Why you’re being a punk if you’re not putting your knowledge to work.
  • The value of making your end goal more important than the process.
  • The 7 steps to the Certified Deal Maker Money Map (see the website).
  • How to see obstacles as opportunities, because they really are.
  • You don’t have to get it right, you just have to get it started.
  • Why you should give yourself permission to stop playing small.
  • Mark’s personal challenge to you.


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