Childhood lessons could be the #1 thing holding you back – EPISODE 64

As a child our parents and other adults in our lives tell us all kinds of things, teaching us how to be safe in a world that isn’t always a safe place to be. “Dont talk to strangers.” “Don’t talk about money.” Don’t do risky things.” But the fact is that though those things serves us well as children, they could be what’s holding us back as adults. We STILL won’t talk to strangers, when it’s the very thing we HAVE to do in order to get a real estate investing business going. We still are leery of talking about finances, when that’s what successful investors to all the time. Find out Mark’s solution to these mindset mistakes on this episode of The Real Estate Power Hour.


You have to work daily to get out of your own way by changing your beliefs.

It’s not that everything you believe is wrong or limiting, but there’s probably more that you’re clinging to unconsciously than you know that is holding you back from stepping into opportunities and situations that could launch your life into the stratosphere. What are the things you believe that are keeping you from making changes that you need to make? “I’m not good with people.” But you can learn to be good with people. “I’m uncomfortable bringing up financial issues.” But you can learn to be comfortable with discomfort, in fact you have to if you’re going to succeed. Listen to this episode to get a shot in the arm toward getting out of your own way.

Why calling or talking to others is an amazing investment in yourself.

It’s really pretty simple. How do you learn the things you need to learn. Very few of us are self-motivated enough to pick up a book or find a resource on our own. We learn from other people. Teachers, mentors, coaches, trainers – our culture is full of people who serve as resources to help other people move forward in a variety of areas. You’ve got to learn to see people as a resource, as a wealth of interest and knowledge that can help you grow, stretch, and move to the places you want to go. So get over your “I don’t talk to strangers” mentality and get growing.


Today’s assignment: Get out there and talk to strangers.

Wherever you go today, make a point of talking to people you don’t know. In the checkout line. At the restaurant. When you’re pumping your gas. People are around you all day long and the worst thing you could do is to pretend they’re not there because you are uncomfortable. Approach someone. Strike up a conversation. Ask them what they do for a living. Be kind. As you practice talking to strangers you’re going to find that it’s not so bad. In fact, you’ll discover that it’s actually a lot of fun to get outside your own little world and learn about others and the way they live life. That’s when you’ll be ready to get out there and talk about the real estate investing business and make new contacts that can propel your business. But you’ve got to start today.

Adjusting what you believe is the first step to taking control of your financial future.

Many of us grew up in blue-collar, hard-working families. It wasn’t unusual for us to hear mom or dad say, “We can’t afford it.” That was probably true in a very real sense, but has that mindset soaked into your soul so deeply that you still believe it today? Does it limit your beliefs about how much money you are capable of earning and how much you really can afford? You’ve got to break out of that mindset and a hundred more just like it so you can think of possibilities you’ve never dreamed before. That’s how you begin taking control of your future and moving into the realm of your dreams. Hear how Mark Evans suggests you go about it on this episode.



  • [1:25] The baby’s getting big and Mark’s thankful for his new son and for you!
  • [2:00] Connect with Mark via the website ( and get your free gift!
  • [2:22] The website is taking off like a rocket! Get your login for $100 (soon to go up)!
  • [3:43] Everyone around you has been hurting you and you may not even know it.
  • [6:08] Work daily to get out of your own way by changing your beliefs and mindset.
  • [7:13] Why calling or talking to strangers is an amazing investment in yourself.
  • [8:13] Your practice for today: Talk to strangers wherever you are.
  • [8:47] Another belief you have that could be holding you back.
  • [12:16] Why giving people money could be the worst thing for them.
  • [12:41] Why what you believe is the first step to taking control of your financial future.
  • [13:56] How your vocabulary impacts your future.
  • [16:01] If you’ve got deals in Cleveland, Columbus, or Atlanta, let Mark know.

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