Closing the gap to accomplish more while doing less – Episode 51

Closing the gap is nothing more than follow-through and discipline.

Mark’s got some great content for you today, tips to help you accomplish more in your real estate and wealth-building business, while doing less. You’re going to learn a powerful, important thing in this episode to help you get more out of life.

The certified deal maker event

Before we get to the main content of the show, Mark wants you to know you are personally invited to his “Certified Deal Maker Event” coming up in Columbus, OH. This event is $199 per person, and is a buy-one-get-one-free type event. That means if you purchase one ticket you’ll be able to bring your spouse, your business partner, your assistant, totally free.

And you won’t be pitched while you’re there. This is really a “customer appreciation” event where Mark’s saying “thanks” by hosting a powerful, perk-laden event for you. You won’t be asked to buy any books, courses, or tools. You’ll be asked to come, learn, and enjoy. That’s it. And on top of all that you’ll get tons of gifts including software, tools and other resources to get your business going at tremendously larger levels. Get your ticket now. June 18-20, 2015.

Closing the gap

The real questions you should be asking yourself are these: What can I do to have less things on my “to do” list? How can I get them off of that list while still getting them done at a high level?

Focus on one thing and become great at it. Don’t allow hundreds of open-ended things to consume your time and energy and attention. That’s leaving hundreds of “gaps” in your business that aren’t getting closed or finished. You can’t do that and expect to be successful or profitable. You can’t be everything to everybody. You can’t do everything. You need to focus on one thing and become an expert at it, following it through to completion in every way and in every detail.

Closing the gap means actions equal results, and distractions are what keep you from taking those actions. You get your eyes off the prize when you have too many things that you’re trying to do. Closing the gap means getting things done. You find a way to get it done, which doesn’t mean you have to do it yourself. You spend 3 minutes, figure it out, and activate a plan to get it done.

Here’s what’s in this powerful audio episode

  • Learning what it means to “close the gap.”
  • The importance of focusing on one thing and becoming great at it.
  • Why closing the gap means focusing on what your highest priority is right now.
  • The reasons you must remove all distractions.
  • Focus equals success.
  • The art is in growing the business – seeing the big picture and handing off the little pieces.
  • The most important thing in your business – selling
  • How leading with value can help you close the gap
  • Your invitation to Mark’s “Certified Deal Maker Experience”
  • A story from Mark’s life that illustrates the need for closing the gap.


Mark’s Certified Deal Maker Experience in Columbus, Ohio – buy-one-get-one-free

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