Don’t let anybody hold you back from your dreams – EPISODE 58

Naysayers are everywhere. Often right in your own family. It’s not entirely bad, the people who don’t believe in your dreams the most are often doing so because they believe that they are protecting you from being unrealistic or led astray. That’s a good motive. But if you’re going to dream of a better life and leaving a legacy for your family, and if you’re truly going to put action behind your dream and move toward its fulfillment, you’re going to have to be careful who you share those dreams with. This episode of The Real Estate Power Hour is a heartfelt exhortation from the DM about you, your dreams, and what it takes to keep yourself on track.

You are the one who determines what your business will look like.

Don’t ever let other people, or society, or what’s normally done dictate to you what you can and cannot do. You are the one who needs to decide what you want your life to be, then build your business in such a way as to facilitate that kind of life. Most people live it the other way around, allowing their business or their job to dictate the kind of life they can have. But it doesn’t have to be that way. You have the opportunity to change your life, to make it what you envision it being, but you have to get moving. This episode of the Real Estate Power Hour is designed to help you think through the reasons it’s worth taking the chance so you can get started building that life.

Mark’s story is inspiring – an example to show that anything’s possible.

Mark didn’t come from a wealthy home. His parents, to this day, still make only $2500 a month between the two of them. As a freckle-faced kid Mark came across the opportunity to attend a seminar where he saw a man make some calls, talk to some sellers, and set up some deals. That was the day that Mark realized, “I can do that.” He took charge of his own destiny by learning all he could and taking action. He made mistakes. He had some failures. But all along he was learning, growing, and doing what is required to become successful at Real Estate Investing. There’s no reason you can’t do the same thing. Find out more on this episode.

It’s not about millions of dollars and crazy cars.

You can work toward those things if you want, and there’s nothing wrong with it if you do, but what really should be driving your work and business is the difference you can make in the world, and more importantly, in the lives of those you care about. You can build a legacy through the work you’re doing, leaving your family in a place of opportunity and advantage instead of a place of limited opportunities and disadvantage. But you’ve got to decide that you’re going to do it, shut off the negative voices that are throwing doubt on your dreams, and take action to make it happen. Mark’s here to cheer you on and coach you along the way. Find out how to reach out to him on this episode of The Real Estate Power Hour.

Full-circle giving is why Mark does what he does.

That means he wants to help you and anyone else who will take his advice and put it into action. People sneer at him all the time, saying, “Yeah, if it works so well why isn’t everybody doing it?” The sad fact is that the people who say that are the ones who don’t have the guts to take a risk or two and prove it to themselves that what Mark’s saying works. They’ve got time on their hands to criticize because they aren’t taking action. He wants to give because he’s received so much, and he’s willing to help you figure out your next steps if you need his help. Listen to this episode to find out how to contact him.


  • The baby’s arrival is coming soon! Mark is excited!
  • Mark’s upcoming “hot seat” event – Sept. 18th-19th in Cleveland, OH.
  • Why Mark doesn’t do real estate seminars or sell courses.
  • Why Mark believes in and practices full-circle giving.
  • Figure out what you want your life to be, then build your business to make it happen.
  • How Mark got started building his real estate business – from dead broke to successful.
  • Why it’s not about millions of dollars and crazy cars.
  • How to get a free gift for leaving a review on iTunes.
  • Why you should be careful who you share your dreams with.
  • Your personal invite to the upcoming Hot Seat event.


Episode 54 that Mark mentioned. –

Connect with Mark –

Contact Mark about the upcoming “Hot Seat” event. – September 18th – 19th, 2015 –



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