How to kill the fear of failure in real estate investing – EPISODE 60

Do you know why you don’t push your way to the next level in your investing business?

You may not believe it’s true, but the reason is that you’re afraid. Afraid of what? Afraid of failing. There are all kinds of fear-based questions bouncing around in your head: What if the marketing campaign doesn’t work like you hope? What if the money you spend on mailers is wasted? What if you do something wrong and get no responses? What if… What if… What if… It’s the first two words to a sentence that ends in fear, and it will KILL your real estate investing business. In this episode of the Real Estate Power Hour Mark Evans is going to challenge you to quit focusing on the drama (your fears) and start focusing on the data. Once you do that, and do it consistently, you’ll be able to push your way to the next level and beyond.

You lose so that you can win.

It sounds contradictory, but think it through. Losing, or failing at something is one of the most important ways you learn. And as you learn what didn’t work, what caused the failure, what kept you from excelling – and apply those lessons, you become a winner. You don’t make the same mistakes. You improve your systems. You refine the processes you use so that your real estate investing business begins to climb through the obstacles to launch into the stratosphere. It’s the way it happens. It’s the way life is. You send out 500 mailers, and only get 10% response. That’s losing, in a sense, because it helps you refine your marketing to reach more people next time. You lose so that you can win. Find out how to turn those losses into victories on this episode of The Real Estate Power Hour.

What if all the things you’ve been told about real estate investing are wrong?

You may be a veteran real estate investor. Fix and flips. Turnkey deals. Wholesaling. Those are the catchphrases of your past, the things that have been your bread and butter for a long time. But are you building your business to its optimal potential? Could it be that the very things you’ve learned about real estate investing have put you inside a box that you don’t even know is there? What if you could break free? What if someone could show you how to look at situations differently so that you can come to solutions rather than getting stuck in the mud? Mark Evans is here to help. In this episode he’s going to share with you why you should question what people tell you about real estate investing, and how it can set you free from a trap you may be stuck in.

Learn to think rightly about your real estate investing business

Your job is not to find more cash buyers. It’s not to build a bigger mailing list. Your job is not to get a better response rate from your list. It’s not even to find and sell properties at a profit. Your job is to build a business. When you stop thinking of what you do in terms of individual deals and start thinking about it in terms of an overall business, the fog begins to lift. You’re able to strategize, build systems, and set things in motion that will move your entire business forward, even if you do have a deal or two fall through. Listen in to this episode to see what an experienced real estate investor has to say about that simple mindset shift, and what it can do for your business.

The one event that could quadruple your investing business

That may sound like a very arrogant statement to you. It’s only arrogant if it’s not true. Mark Evans has been doing these “Hot Seat” events for a while now and he’s got the data to prove that the people who attend see their real estate investing business skyrocket after learning and applying what Mark has to share. This is not a “rah, rah” kind of event where you get pumped up but get nothing practical. Mark pulls out his own manuals and shows you step by step how his team locates investors, acquires properties, markets them to buyers, and puts deals together consistently over time. You won’t want to miss out. Listen to this episode to find out how you can get involved.


  • Mark’s welcome to the podcast.
  • The baby’s one the way… thanks for your well wishes!
  • Your invitation to Mark’s upcoming “Hot Seat” event.
  • The real reason we don’t push to the next level in real estate investing.
  • Reality check: We lose more than we win. That’s life.
  • Focus on data, not drama – a solution to the fear factor.
  • Why losing is not bad.
  • Why you should start questioning what people say and how it will impact your willingness to fail.
  • Real life examples of using data and reality to overcome fear.
  • Your invitation to the “Hot Seat” event coming up.

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