How Virtual Real Estate Investing REALLY works – EPISODE 55

Think you know about virtual investing? Think again.

There’s so much noise on the TV and internet nowadays about house flipping. You can make some money doing house flips, no question there. But is it the RIGHT KIND of money for you to be making? There’s tons of management and oversight and work you have to put into that model of real estate investing and it keeps you from being a true location independent, virtual investor. In this episode of the Real Estate Power Hour you’re going to hear what REAL virtual investing is and what it takes to pull it off.

Watch out for the self-proclaimed gurus of virtual investing

There are a lot of people out there flapping their gums about being a virtual investor, but they aren’t the real deal. They say you can sit on a beach somewhere smoking dope and rake in barrels of cash. It’s a bunch of bull. They might be making that kind of money, but it’s through selling you their course, not through actually doing the work of real estate investing. You see, virtual investing = a business mindset. You’ve got to be dedicated to hard work to get a virtual real estate investing business off the ground and make it successful. Mark’s been doing it for years. This episode outlines how he thinks about it.

Virtual Investing Made Easy


Virtual investing can and does work, if you’re dedicated to the hard work of building a team that can help you (did you get that, HELP YOU) make the business thrive. In the past 2 days Mark’s team has closed 19 deals worth well over $200,000 in gross revenue. TWO DAYS! And Mark didn’t attend one of the closings and hasn’t seen any of the properties personally. How does that happen? It’s happening because there’s a team in place and Mark is the one who’s done the work to find the right people and build the systems to make virtual investing on that scale a reality. Listen in to today’s rant from Mark to find out more.

Virtual investing can build true wealth, if you do it right

What if you really knew how to build wealth rather than just make money? What would your life and your future be like then? Chances are you DO know how, you just aren’t doing it. It takes daily action and the willingness to fail in order to succeed. It takes being willing to make mistakes in your real estate investing business so you can learn what NOT to do next time. It takes a commitment to making calls every day, learning how the process works by being in the trenches, and figuring out how to put together the systems that will keep the money machine rolling. Mark’s done it and has a lot to teach you about how YOU can do it. Listen to this episode to receive Mark’s personal invitation to contact him for that kind of advice.

What’s the best virtual real estate investing system?

In this episode Mark’s going to address what the best system is for setting up and running a virtual real estate investing business – and his answer is not going to be what you think. There are so many self-proclaimed gurus out there selling their particular system. Some of them may work in limited ways, but they all have one major, gaping hole – YOU. Every system, no matter how good it is and no matter how successful a track record it may appear to have, requires YOU to apply them day after day. You don’t need a system for that. You need a vision and personal determination to build your future now. Listen in as Mark coaches you how to avoid those types of money-wasters and get started today building your own virtual real estate investing business.


  • 3 reasons Mark doesn’t do house flips.
  • A real estate investing business is just that – a business.
  • 19 deals closed in 2 days – it just happened.
  • You’re either growing or shrinking.
  • How virtual investing REALLY works.
  • What if you really knew how to produce wealth, not just money?
  • Why most people never get to the next level.
  • Stop going to seminars and webinars and start focusing on today.
  • “What is the best investing system?” may be the wrong question.
  • Why you don’t need a website to do big business in real estate.
  • We forget the mistakes we’ve made to get to the place we are.
  • Why there’s nothing wrong with working IN your business at the beginning.
  • Building your real estate investing business requires work on your part, not a new system or bank of knowledge.
  • A REAL real estate investor works hard to protect his clients and his business.


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