If you’re not getting the results you want it’s because you’re not using this technique – EPISODE 65

What’s the technique? It’s questions. The questions you ask yourself. You have to learn how to ask the questions of yourself that will challenge your mindset, change the way you look at the world, and enable you to step beyond the artificial barriers you’ve erected (even unknowingly) and achieve things you never dreamed possible. Mark Evans, DM, DN recorded this episode of the Real Estate Power Hour to give you the opportunity to step into his world and learn what has enabled him to close millions of dollars in real estate deals this year alone and to consistently do that over the last 19 years of his career. Listen in to find out how a $100 bill and Mark’s new training could change your life.

When it comes down to it, only YOU can change your life.

There are people all over social media and the internet who want to find fault, want to cast stones, want to criticize and critique anything that’s outside the realm of what they find comfortable or normal. That’s because they don’t have the guts to do the things that will bring them success. They’d rather sit around and criticize than do the hard work of changing, growing, and getting better. Mark sees their posts and laughs. He knows they’ll never change unless they begin to ask themselves different, smarter questions. They need to quit asking what’s wrong with the things others are doing or saying to achieve success and instead begin asking themselves why they are not willing to do what it takes to be successful themselves. Find out how YOU can take the right kind of action on this episode.

You have to become a different person to experience success you’ve never experienced.

Mark Evans knows. Over 19 years of a real estate investing career Mark’s had to continually grow in his mindset, his ability to put together teams and systems, and his knowledge of the investing arena and the potential it holds. Without making a commitment to personal growth you’re dooming yourself to stay right where you are for the foreseeable future. You can’t move beyond where you are unless you’re willing to learn how to employ the vehicles that can take you there. Mark’s ranting today. But it’s a good rant. Get an earful for yourself and a kick in the seat of your pants to get you moving, by listening to this episode.

There’s no such thing as making money without working.

Don’t misunderstand. Mark spends less than 2 hours a day doing things that have to do with his business on most days, but it’s not because he doesn’t work. The truth is that he’s worked his butt off for the last 19 years to get to the point where he doesn’t have to work. His continued growth and application of what he’s learned is what has enabled him to build the teams and systems that run his business without him, and provide him the lifestyle he enjoys today. So does he make money without working. Maybe today he does, but there was plenty of work along the way. Learn how to dispel the “money with no work” myth in your own mind by hearing Mark’s take on it in this episode.

If you are not making calls every single day, you’re missing the opportunities that can make you massively successful.

Opportunities very seldom fall in your lap. You’ve got to hustle to find them. It’s the hustle that puts you into a place where you CAN find them. Mark’s new live training, coming up in October of 2015 is his generous offer to help you learn what he’s learned about how to hustle up leads and real estate deals no matter where you live or what level of experience you have. It’s a multi-hour event that will train you to make the calls and locate the deals that will give you the income to enjoy the lifestyle you want and build the business to support it. It’s $100, just so you have some skin in the game. Get the info in this episode.


  • [1:18] Welcome and thanks for being a part of the Real Estate Power Hour!
  • [2:04] Mark’s thoughts about what he could do to help you change your life.
  • [4:35] It’s not about bad things happening, it’s about how you handle them.
  • [5:20] The power of your questions will dictate your future.
  • [7:23] Why Mark had to become a different person to get to where he is.
  • [9’26] Understanding the power of the right offer in the right context.
  • [12:01] The first thing you need to think of when you look at your vision board.
  • [13:25] What happens when you quit caring about what other people think of you.
  • [15:25] Why the “make money without working” is not reality.
  • [17:21] Why you need to stop talking to and working with people who lie to you.
  • [18:30] If you are not making calls every day, you’re losing out.
  • [20:26] Why you have to sell people on working with you.
  • [20:19] Why Mark will teach his son ethical selling as he grows up.
  • [25:57] How Mark’s new program can change your life.


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