One step to explode your income and reduce your stress that you can put to use immediately! – Episode 33 is here.

One step to explode your  income and reduce your stress

keep it simple

Keep it simple!

You can implement it immediately and watch your business take off.

In this episode Mark breaks down THE key to putting your business and life activities into a whole new level that will skyrocket your income and reduce your stress at the same time. The beauty of it is that you can implement this immediately.

What’s the key? Keep things simple.

Real estate investors and business people in general tend to overcomplicate things. Yes, you need systems that work. But you don’t need systems that have so many steps and so many details that it’s killing you to pull it off. If it can’t fit on one piece of paper, it’s probably over-complicated. Pare it down. Streamline it. Keep it simple, and watch your stress level go down while your profits go up.

Another simple way to ramp up your business is by elevating your business partners. When somebody agrees to do a deal with you, you work the deal, and it comes out great – don’t stop there. Talk to that person about the potential of what you could do together. Tell them you want to more deals next month, and you want them to be involved in every one. You’ll challenge them to step up their game while creating a relationship and opportunity for yourself at the same time. You don’t need another investor. You’ve just created a long-term investor out of a relationship you already have.

You can also simplify through outsourcing – a topic Mark is going to cover on a future podcast. Or you can do it my looking over the activities that are consuming your time right now and eliminating the ones that aren’t necessary. Chances are, there are a lot of those lurking in your daily work flow. Take the time. Look over your activities, and get rid of the things that are not producing the results.


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  • The question to ask: “How can I do less?”
  • The problem of over-committing.
  • The power of simplicity
  • Examples of how Mark has created a simpler business
  • Simple Referrals
  • Elevating your business partners to increase your game and theirs.
  • Learn to listen to your prospects.
  • Care for the prospect, even if it means you lose out on that deal.
  • Finding the source of your overwhelm.
  • Don’t add people into your system when you have a bad system.
  • Build a simple investor/buyer list.
  • February 2015 – Mark’s Las Vegas Hot-Seat – $4000

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