One word to make you unstoppable – Episode 50

You’ve got to learn to harness the power of Momentum!

Mark’s coming to you from Naples, FL and is confident he’s got one powerful word to share with you that will enable you to get maximum results! What’s the word that can make you unstoppable? Here’s a hint: It’s a word that can also get in way and slow you down. What’s the word? MOMENTUM.

When momentum is in place, things roll forward, things actually happen, stuff gets done, and results are produced. Momentum creates opportunity, and opportunity creates revenue. That’s how it works… and momentum is the key.

This podcast show is a great example that Mark uses to illustrate how momentum works. He started out doing the show when he felt like it, when he got around to it, etc. But when he decided to make it a priority and put a system in place for himself and his team to get the show going, momentum began to build. He now has hundreds of people downloading every episode the first day it publishes. Momentum matters. Momentum makes all the difference.

Taking that thought into your business is a powerful thing. Momentum in your business is vital and you can create it by taking action. Don’t let down after you have a success because that’s when momentum is going. You want to keep that ball of power rolling so that you can accomplish even more Momentum is your friend. Momentum is what produces the very results you want, what will make you unstoppable.

You can create momentum in very practical ways: by making 5 more calls today than you usually do. By stepping into a few more opportunities than you feel comfortable with. By doing more marketing than you traditionally do. You want to figure out how to get more eyeballs on your deals than you usually get. You want to figure out how to get more people listening to the opportunities you have than is normal. That is what creates momentum and momentum is what creates massive opportunity that will move your business forward.

It’s not rocket science. It’s the way the world works. If you know that, you know all you need to know to get things rolling in your business. Even the big businesses like McDonalds and Apple know this truth. That’s why they continue to market. They know they’ve got to keep the momentum going or else their business will begin to decline. They know they’ve got to keep moving in order to keep thriving, growing, and making the profits that they desire.

It’s not a matter of if this will work… it’s a matter of how well it will work. That’s where you have to learn some things; how to create a powerful direct mail piece, how to talk to buyers and sellers, how to structure a deal – but before you get to any of that you’ve got to understand where it all begins. It all begins with the routine steps you take that start the momentum rolling.

Listen to this show to get the full scoop. Pay attention. Take notes. Decide what the basic steps are that you need to take in order to get the momentum rolling. Then get started.


  • The one word that can rock your business and make you unstoppable: MOMENTUM.
  • The Real Estate Power Hour podcast as an illustration of how momentum works.
  • The momentum formula.
  • Why momentum is so powerful.
  • How you can apply this principle of momentum to your business.
  • Your first steps toward unstoppable momentum.
  • How momentum can drive you toward being the very best.
  • What are you doing daily to create momentum in life and business?
  • The benefit of reading and listening to podcasts and audio books.
  • Mark’s power tip about learning as it relates to momentum.
  • June 18-20th – Mark’s customer appreciation event and charity project.


Contact Mark about his June 18th event – – let him know you’re coming because of the podcast and he’ll send you a special gift. There is a limited amount of tickets.




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