Why you’ve got to play big to win big – EPISODE 57

So many people who want to move their real estate investing business to the next level are too busy worrying about losing money. That’s right – losing money. They’re penny pinchers who watch every dime to make sure they’re not spending too much. Hey, don’t misunderstand: it’s smart to be wise with your money. But a penny pinching mindset often causes people to misidentify what really IS a wise use of your money and what isn’t. In this episode of the Real Estate Power Hour, Mark Evans, DM, DN is going to kick your butt to help you see why you’ve got to pay to play.

Hiring the best gets you the best results.

When you’re looking to move your real estate investing business forward, you can go about it in a handful of ways. You can go the “cheap” route, hiring somebody on Fiverr.com to do a substandard job that looks bad and wastes your time and money, or you can search out the best in the business to teach you what you need to know. That’s what Mark realized when he decided he wanted to learn Periscope as a platform to expand his reach. He found the guy who has the most impact and reach through Periscope, contacted him, and asked for his rates. Mark wanted the best to teach him how to be the best. Mark’s podcast production team is another example, the guys over at www.PodcastFastTrack.com take care of his audio and show notes every week – and Mark says they’re the best in the business. Why does he hire them to do his podcast show every week? Because he realized that hiring the best yields the best results. Find out the areas where you could be moving your business forward by investing money in yourself and your business, on this episode of the Real Estate Power Hour.

You can’t have big success if you keep playing small.

By “playing small” Mark means being more concerned about losing money than you are about making money. It means watching every dime, worried that you’re making a mistake rather than putting the money you have to work to move you forward. You don’t have to do a lot of money to do what Mark’s talking about. You do what you can with what you’ve got. But you need to realize that there are people out there who can and will help you move forward exponentially, if you’re willing to pay them to help you. The fees you have to pay to get the best help is not a cost, it’s an investment. It’s the price of admission, a qualifier that tells that high level person that you are serious, that you are a person who is ready to put yourself out there and make things happen. That’s the only way they know that they’re not wasting their time. Learn more about how to “pay to play” in this episode.

If you want to win big you have to be willing to lose big.

Notice, we didn’t say you have to lose big, we said you have to be willing to lose big. It’s being willing to take calculated risks. There are no guarantees in life, no sure-fire steps and tactics that give you 100% certainty about anything. But you can do your homework, you can find people who have done what you’re seeking to do, and you can step into their world and receive the benefit of their hard-learned lessons. But only if you’re willing to take a calculated risk. Take Mark’s “Hot Seat” events as an example. It costs you $5,000 to be a part of it and you’ve got to pay for your travel and lodging. You may think you don’t have $5,000 to spend. You may think that someone like Mark, who’s making so much money, should do an event like this for free. But realize this: If you spend $5,000 to learn how to make $500,000, you just got in on the best deal of your life. It’s not a cost, it’s an investment – and great investments like this yield great returns. Find out more about how you can be part of Mark’s upcoming “Hot Seat” event on this episode of TREPH.

Do you know why you keep dealing with “Tire Kickers?”

Maybe you don’t even realize that you are dealing with tire kickers. What’s a tire kicker? It’s a person who eats up your time with questions and a certain level of interest but is never willing to take action. They gobble up your energy and your focus and your moments with the hope of a possible deal but never come through. Mark believes that if you’re continually dealing with tire kickers, the problem is not them, the problem is you. You’re the tire kicker. You’re acting in the exact same way when it comes to taking your business to the next level. You haven’t been willing to invest in yourself or your business so you’re still playing small, on a low level where the tire kickers hang out. If you do things to move yourself into a new sphere of operations, the tire kickers go away because they can’t afford to play at that level. Quit wasting your time with tire kickers. Quit being one. Find out how on this episode.


  • Mark’s feelings about having his first child (due August 2, 2015) and how he’s being impacted by the thought of having a child.
  • Mark’s upcoming book – and why it’s better than a business card.
  • Periscope is rocking Mark’s world, enabling him to reach and teach more people.
  • Using Social Media to build a platform that generates leads and builds your wealth (Mark has already generated 6 figures using Periscope).
  • Why you don’t have to do everything yourself – and an example of how it works from this podcast’s production – hire the best!
  • Simple ways to double your business based on conversion rates.
  • The simple step you need to take in order to move your business to the next level – take action.
  • Don’t get stuck in the petty squabbling about how much things cost – they aren’t costs, they are investments.
  • Why you have to be willing to “Pay to Play.”
  • Why you’re dealing with “tire kickers.” It’s your fault.


Connect with Mark – www.TheRealEstatePowerHour.com/Contac

www.Periscope.com (check out MarkEvansDM)

Mark Evans on Twitter @MarkEvansDm

Contact Mark about the upcoming “Hot Seat” event. – September 18th – 19th, 2015 – http://www.therealestatepowerhour.com/Contact


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[tweeetthis]It’s stupid to be more worried about #LosingMoney than #MakingMoney[/tweeetthis]

[tweeetthis]It’s ultra rare for people to #TakeAction.[/tweeetthis]

[tweeetthis]In order to #WinBig you have to be willing to #Lose Big. You cannot #WinBig playing small.[/tweeetthis]

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