One word to make you unstoppable – Episode 50

You’ve got to learn to harness the power of Momentum!

Mark’s coming to you from Naples, FL and is confident he’s got one powerful word to share with you that will enable you to get maximum results! What’s the word that can make you unstoppable? Here’s a hint: It’s a word that can also get in way and slow you down. What’s the word? MOMENTUM.

When momentum is in place, things roll forward, things actually happen, stuff gets done, and results are produced. Momentum creates opportunity, and opportunity creates revenue. That’s how it works… and momentum is the key.

This podcast show is a great example that Mark uses to illustrate how momentum works. He started out doing the show when he felt like it, when he got around to it, etc. But when he decided to make it a priority and put a system in place for himself and his team to get the show going, momentum began to build. He now has hundreds of people downloading every episode the first day it publishes. Momentum matters. Momentum makes all the difference.

Taking that thought into your business is a powerful thing. Momentum in your business is vital and you can create it by taking action. Don’t let down after you have a success because that’s when momentum is going. You want to keep that ball of power rolling so that you can accomplish even more Momentum is your friend. Momentum is what produces the very results you want, what will make you unstoppable.

You can create momentum in very practical ways: by making 5 more calls today than you usually do. By stepping into a few more opportunities than you feel comfortable with. By doing more marketing than you traditionally do. You want to figure out how to get more eyeballs on your deals than you usually get. You want to figure out how to get more people listening to the opportunities you have than is normal. That is what creates momentum and momentum is what creates massive opportunity that will move your business forward.

It’s not rocket science. It’s the way the world works. If you know that, you know all you need to know to get things rolling in your business. Even the big businesses like McDonalds and Apple know this truth. That’s why they continue to market. They know they’ve got to keep the momentum going or else their business will begin to decline. They know they’ve got to keep moving in order to keep thriving, growing, and making the profits that they desire.

It’s not a matter of if this will work… it’s a matter of how well it will work. That’s where you have to learn some things; how to create a powerful direct mail piece, how to talk to buyers and sellers, how to structure a deal – but before you get to any of that you’ve got to understand where it all begins. It all begins with the routine steps you take that start the momentum rolling.

Listen to this show to get the full scoop. Pay attention. Take notes. Decide what the basic steps are that you need to take in order to get the momentum rolling. Then get started.


  • The one word that can rock your business and make you unstoppable: MOMENTUM.
  • The Real Estate Power Hour podcast as an illustration of how momentum works.
  • The momentum formula.
  • Why momentum is so powerful.
  • How you can apply this principle of momentum to your business.
  • Your first steps toward unstoppable momentum.
  • How momentum can drive you toward being the very best.
  • What are you doing daily to create momentum in life and business?
  • The benefit of reading and listening to podcasts and audio books.
  • Mark’s power tip about learning as it relates to momentum.
  • June 18-20th – Mark’s customer appreciation event and charity project.


Contact Mark about his June 18th event – – let him know you’re coming because of the podcast and he’ll send you a special gift. There is a limited amount of tickets.


Episode 40 – You’ve got to conquer fear if you’re going to be a successful real estate investor

Fear will kill you and cripple your future. You’ve got to learn how to overcome it.

Mark’s hanging out in Palm Beach preparing for a trip to Las Vegas as he records this episode. He’s also working on almost 40 deals right now but he’s taking the time out to talk to you about the monster that holds back so many people – FEAR. If you don’t conquer fear in the various ways it crops up in your life, you’ll always be on the down-side of life. Fear is all about your mindset, which is something you can control.

Your mind will talk you out of things instead of talking you into things. And you’re in the real estate investing business to get “in” to things – you’re IN-vesting, not OUT-vesting. You’ve got to have the strength to overcome fear and take steps into the deals that can really move you forward.

It’s your past problems and past experiences that hold you back. You think you’ve never done it before so you won’t be able to do it this time. There’s nothing true to that at all. The past has nothing to do with the present or the future except that it will hold you back from accomplishing more than you ever have.

If you’re not doing deals, you’re not a real estate investor. You have to be putting deals together consistently, and you have to push past the fear in order to do that. The fear will do nothing but keep you from making great gains in your life and business. You’ve got to get your mind into a rapid growth stage, a place where you can see the potential instead of the problems and take action on that potential. Your mind is the only thing that is holding you back, and fear resides in your mind. When your mind expands, the minds of others around you expand. You begin to see changes in your world, not just in yourself.

Ask yourself this question: “How can I accomplish 10 years worth of business in the next 6 months?” That question will push you outside your comfort zone and get you thinking beyond the fear. You’ll have to break down that dream into practical action steps that you can implement to move forward in spite of the fear.


  • Many deals going on, one for $3 million.
  • The importance of talking yourself INTO deals instead of OUT of deals.
  • Fear is always there, pulling you back. But you can learn to harness the feeling and move forward.
  • Everything you do is based on numbers, not feelings. Fear is a feeling you have to overcome.
  • The only thing that’s holding you back is your mind, your beliefs.
  • Mark’s invitation to the upcoming Deal-A-Thon
  • A powerful question to help you get outside the fear-zone and into the action zone.


The Deal-A-Thon is coming up – Contact Mark to find out more



Getting motivated sellers with legitimate deals coming in every day is not an easy thing.

But in this episode Mark is going to show you what should happen daily in order to get those kinds of deals flooding into your real estate business so that you can be successful every single day and live the life that you’ve always wanted.

Much of it comes through systems and Mark’s going to break down a lead generation and contact system today that will revolutionize your business. Mark talks about systems all the time and there’s a reason; they are vital to rolling your business forward in a big way.

In order to get motivated sellers with good properties into your funnel, the first question you need to ask is “How much money do you want to make?” Understanding that is where you begin to be able to understand what kind of deals you need to be doing and how many you need to be doing every week. It’s reverse engineering. Starting with your financial goal, you simply divide by 12 and find the number of motivated seller deals you need to close every month. For sake of illustration, Mark’s picking the number of a million dollars a year.

Going big time with your real estate business requires you to crunch the number so that you know the exact steps you need to take to get to that goal. It’s simple math and applied action. That’s what fills your funnel with motivated sellers. You can map out the plan for how you’re going to reach your financial goal when you know those numbers.

The next step is to break down that monthly number into a weekly number. That tells you how many leads you need to get every week, which in turn tells you how many direct response mailers you need to send out every single week, without fail. Do you see how it’s a system that fills up your real estate investment funnel? It’s math and action. Math and action. A system that makes your goal achievable in a big way through diligent daily effort.


  • Mark’s update on his trip to Costa Rica.
  • Mark launches in to the break-down of a system to fill your real estate funnel with motivated sellers who can fuel your business.
  • Systems are powerful – learn how to do the math to break down your goals into daily actions.
  • Mark shares various ways to manage your contacts through basic systems that help you track your leads and follow up.
  • Mark’s tips on how to find deals on Zillow (see the video below).
  • It doesn’t make sense to avoid spending $600 when it will make you $84,000.


Episode 2 of The Real Estate Power Hour 

Mark’s deal-a-thon coming up in March 2015 – contact Mark to get more info.


The Lamborghini goal setter – and how he built a thriving real estate investing business – Episode 35

400imagelamboToday Mark has a special guest to introduce to you – another Mark – Mark Ferguson, the Lamborghini goal-setter!!

Listen in as your host asks Mark some insightful questions about how he’s built his real estate business to a massive level using internet-based techniques.

But before launching into that Mark asks Mark (boy, this is going to be tricky) about a few key things that have to be in place to really scale things to another level.

FIRST – Learning when it’s time to bring on additional help to make your business run smoothly and to free yourself to do the really important things. Mark reveals how he knew when it was time to hire an assistant and how he went about passing along work to them in a systematic, patient way. He also talks a bit about using VA workers in your business for administrative tasks.

SECOND – Learning the local market where you’re working: How do you learn about the market, what role do local real estate agents play, and how do you go about working the market in an intelligent way? Those are all covered in this section of the conversation. It’s worth gold if you’ll just apply it.

Then the conversation turns to how Mark has used his website to generate massive amounts of traffic and new relationships. You can check out his site at Mark shares powerful articles that come from the trenches of his hard-learned experience and how you can apply his lessons to your business. It’s a powerful, positive, can-do blog telling you the practical things you can do to advance your business today. One of his most recent articles tells you why it’s important to get started in your investing while you’re young. Mark’s top articles to read are

How to find an investor-friendly real estate agent

How much money do Real Estate Agents make?

Buy rental properties while you’re young

How I was able to buy a Lamborghini through my real estate business

Then Mark shares why he decided to buy it as an incentive for his hard work. It’s an incredible story about setting goals and working hard to achieve them as Mark worked hard and accomplished his goal within a year. Opportunities are abundant if you are willing to set goals, work toward them, and not give up. Develop tunnel vision to get to the things you want. Mark suggests that you decide what your focus is going to be and focus on that 100%. 20% effort in a number of efforts won’t get the same results as an intense focus in one area. Get out there. Do it.


  • Introducing Mark Ferguson
  • Mark’s thoughts about working in his father’s real estate business and how it served him like handcuffs!
  • How do you know when it’s time to hire some help?
  • Learning about your market as a key to building your wholesale business.
  • Internet power for building your real estate business.
  • The first step in being successful.
  • Mark’s Lamborghini goal and how he achieved it.
  • Making your family a motivator for your business and doing right by them with your hard work.
  • Take time to work on yourself, not just your business.


How to find an investor-friendly real estate agent

How much money do Real Estate Agents make?

Buy rental properties while you’re young

How I was able to buy a Lamborghini through my real estate business


How you’re killing your success, ruining relationships, and getting the short end of the stick – here’s episode 34!

Could it be true that you’re killing your success, ruining relationships, and getting the short end of the stick?

If you’re the person Mark describes in this episode – it’s likely you are.

It’s the week after Thanksgiving and Mark’s just returned to beautiful Palm Beach Florida and took the opportunity to fly his sister and her kids down to spend some time with Uncle Mark and his family. How can he do it? Because he’s got his business organized and on auto-pilot. The business goes on as usual, even though Mark is not hanging out in an office somewhere.

It’s an example of how you should always be learning… learning to minimize your effort and maximize your business all that the same time. In every interaction and conversation you need to be listening for what there is that you can learn and apply to your life and business. In everything you do, you should be thinking, “Is this going to get me closer to my goal or further away?” If it’s further, you don’t do it and if it’s closer, you do it.

That’s how you learn day after day.

When you learn like that, you build the confidence in yourself to go out and make your goals happen. You don’t waste the time of important people by asking them to give you a “deal” and help you get started. You learn what they have to say by listening, then you go out and apply it yourself.

It’s about working smarter, not harder.

You are killing your success, ruining relationship, and getting the short end of the stick if you’re trying to lean on the “experts,” trying to get them to help you , when you should be helping yourself by stepping up your game and applying what you learn day by day.

The main thing you learn is that you are the only one who can control you or determine your destiny. You don’t blame others for your failure. You don’t lean on others for your success. You make things happen yourself by learning, applying what you learn, and determining your destiny yourself.

Listen to the show to hear more about this topic and hear Mark’s thoughts on what smart people understand about money.


  • Mark flies his sister and her kids down to FL for a visit.
  • Mark’s example of why you need to always be learning.
  • The difference between a person who is a tire-kicker and a person who is a dream maker.
  • Successful people take responsibility for their actions and their failures.
  • What smart people understand about money.
  • Buying properties for cash-flow instead of investment.
  • Take what you’re learning and consider how you can help your prospects and clients excel financially and become financially free.
  • Start elevating your buyers.
  • You are the only one who can change your life.

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Show #2 – the buyer’s funnel. 

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One step to explode your income and reduce your stress that you can put to use immediately! – Episode 33 is here.

One step to explode your  income and reduce your stress

keep it simple

Keep it simple!

You can implement it immediately and watch your business take off.

In this episode Mark breaks down THE key to putting your business and life activities into a whole new level that will skyrocket your income and reduce your stress at the same time. The beauty of it is that you can implement this immediately.

What’s the key? Keep things simple.

Real estate investors and business people in general tend to overcomplicate things. Yes, you need systems that work. But you don’t need systems that have so many steps and so many details that it’s killing you to pull it off. If it can’t fit on one piece of paper, it’s probably over-complicated. Pare it down. Streamline it. Keep it simple, and watch your stress level go down while your profits go up.

Another simple way to ramp up your business is by elevating your business partners. When somebody agrees to do a deal with you, you work the deal, and it comes out great – don’t stop there. Talk to that person about the potential of what you could do together. Tell them you want to more deals next month, and you want them to be involved in every one. You’ll challenge them to step up their game while creating a relationship and opportunity for yourself at the same time. You don’t need another investor. You’ve just created a long-term investor out of a relationship you already have.

You can also simplify through outsourcing – a topic Mark is going to cover on a future podcast. Or you can do it my looking over the activities that are consuming your time right now and eliminating the ones that aren’t necessary. Chances are, there are a lot of those lurking in your daily work flow. Take the time. Look over your activities, and get rid of the things that are not producing the results.


Don’t forget to get involved in Mark’s upcoming “Hot Seat” event – February 2015. It’s got limited space but will launch your business into the next level. The cost is $4000 and it’s for serious business people who want to seriously grow their business. Connect with Mark to let him know why you are the right candidate for the event.


  • The question to ask: “How can I do less?”
  • The problem of over-committing.
  • The power of simplicity
  • Examples of how Mark has created a simpler business
  • Simple Referrals
  • Elevating your business partners to increase your game and theirs.
  • Learn to listen to your prospects.
  • Care for the prospect, even if it means you lose out on that deal.
  • Finding the source of your overwhelm.
  • Don’t add people into your system when you have a bad system.
  • Build a simple investor/buyer list.
  • February 2015 – Mark’s Las Vegas Hot-Seat – $4000

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