How I turned 32 cents into millions of dollars in real estate transactions – EPISODE 62

Too many real estate investors (or wanna be investors) are bemoaning the amount of work it takes to get real estate deals. They say there’s not enough inventory, not enough opportunity, but in today’s show Mark is going to share a very simple, VERY SIMPLE strategy he’s been using for years with every person who buys a property from him that has resulted in millions of dollars of additional business. It’s an example of how you have to MAKE your own opportunity, not wait for it to come around. Listen in and learn about the 32 cent secret.

Quit talking about all the difficulties and start asking “What CAN we do?”

We live in a day and age when there is so much opportunity. The advances in technology like Periscope ( enable us to communicate with people around the world instantly with the push of a button – and that’s how Mark is sharing a ton of knowledge with people who truly want to move their business and life to the next level. It’s not a game. It’s an opportunity to advance things beyond what you dreamed possible. So ask yourself a new question: “What CAN you do?” It could change your life and it doesn’t have to cost you a ton either. Listen in to find out how Mark did that and changes his business forever.

Yes, a 32 cent investment that brings in millions in revenue.

It DOES sound like a “too good to be true” claim but it’s not. Not at all. It’s the honest truth that has set Mark Evans apart in the real estate investing industry. Why? Because it’s a bit outside the box, a bit unconventional, and it makes his customers remember him for their next transaction or deal. He’s got people coming back to him over and over because of this simple, 32 cent trick. And it’s not a trick. It’s just smart business. What is it? You’ve got to listen to find out… so click the link or the play button and get ready to be blown away by how simple it really is.

But the 32 cent strategy requires some follow up work from you.

Like anything you do in business, this approach doesn’t run itself. You’ve got to put steps in place “after the fact” to make sure it garners the kind of response it’s intended to. If you don’t, you’ll be wasting a whole lot of potential repeat transactions. You can follow up in person by the phone, via postal mail, or even through an automated email sequence that enables your customers to respond to YOU with their interest in additional deals. But you have to do SOMETHING to maximize the potential of this little beauty. As always, Mark has lots of ideas about how you could do that, so listen to the episode first chance you get.

Do you need some help with your real estate investing business?

Mark is available to help you get your business moving on a level you never dreamed (or at least only hoped). If you are actively working deals connect with Mark through the contact page on the website and he’ll get back to you to chat about how you might be able to work together, and get your business rolling to greater levels than ever. Don’t miss out. Connect with Mark today.

Here it is…

32 cent investment

Click the image to get a full size copy


  • [1:18] Follow Mark on Periscope #MarkEvansDM
  • [2:12] Learn to ask yourself “What CAN we do?” and the power of technology to make it happen.
  • [3:30] A piece you can implement immediately to get cash flowing.
  • [5:29] The scenario: Here’s how you make this strategy work!
  • [6:54] How you can figure out the “lifetime customer value” that begins with your first transaction.
  • [8:03] The 32 cent tool Mark uses once the sale is closed to move things to a higher frequency level.
  • [11:10] Why you wait to employ this until someone buys a property.
  • [11:56] Why this is not a “too good to be true” tactic.
  • [12:24] How to follow up on the strategy to reel in buyers.
  • [14:54] How this is an example of focusing on existing customers to enhance your business.
  • [17:30] How this strategy sets you apart and gets you above the crowd.
  • [20:22] How to set up an email autoresponder to follow up on the offer.
  • [21:34] Why Mark is sharing these pieces that have helped him generate millions of additional money in deals.
  • [25:49] Why trust, rapport, and relationships are the best tools you have.
  • [28:40] Mark’s invitation to you to connect with him to find out how you can grow your business even more.

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The 32 cent resource Mark mentioned is right here…



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Once a real estate transaction occurs, that’s when the magic should begin happening in a business

Once you understand the power of simplicity, you begin looking at things that give quantum growth

What if you thought bigger on behalf of your buyers? Everyone wins because of you.

A #RealEstate strategy that sets you apart and puts you above the crowd

Why trust, rapport, and relationships are the best tools you have

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