Telling your story can increase your sales! – Episode 47

If you want to get more buyers, more sellers, and more private lenders… This is the episode for you.

Mark is hanging out in Florida, waiting for his parents to arrive from Columbus, Ohio for a visit. But before he heads to the beach to hang out and smoke a cigar, he’s unloading this boat-load of great information to help you get your business moving to greater heights.

Learn how to share your story in micro-pieces to pique interest

When you’re being honest, just sharing your story with people, you CAN NOT mess it up! Your story is powerful and stories move people. But you have to do it in a casual, laid back way – in micro-pieces so that you don’t overwhelm people. Twitter is a great example, you only have 140 characters. And you’re going to tell your story in specific ways with specific people – buyers, sellers, or lenders.

When you’re sharing your story, you’re creating a message to engage, to extract, and to re-engage. This episode is Mark’s thoughts on those three things.

Engage: The door opener for lasting business relationships and success

When you share your story initially, you want to do it in a way that stimulates people’s curiosity. You want to tell your story to make them want to ask you questions. You tell the story of who you are, what you do, the successes you’ve been having. You want them to wonder how you do what you do. That’s the first step, the first micro-piece of your story.

And you want to do so in a way that makes you likeable. People do business with people they like, not people who are irritating or obnoxious. The way you tell your story is important. Make sure you tell it in an appealing way.

Extract: Caring for people in a way that uncovers what they want and need

This part is about asking questions… it’s about understanding the stories of the people you’re dealing with. It’s about finding out what people need and what they want. When you do this in a simple, low-pressure, relational way, you’re going to not only find out what they need and want, you’re going to express care to them. They are going to feel like you care about them and their goals- and you should.

So ask them vital questions:

  • Could you tell me your story?
  • What are your goals in working with me?
  • What amount of passive income is it that you want each month?
  • What are the things you’re concerned about?

When you take that extra step, one that very few people bother to ask, you’ll find out things you never would have known. You’ll find out more things, more opportunities, more possibilities, and help that person see more potential than they knew existed.

You’ll also find out what kind of situation they are in. Are they a motivated seller? Then you’re going to tell them success stories, tell them how you can help them given what they’ve told you. Are they a lender or investor? Then you’re going to learn what sort of deals they’re looking for, which will help you know when to contact them about the deals you find. You’ll also be able to instruct them on how you can help.

Re-Engage: Casting the vision for what could happen

This is where you capitalize on the relationship you’re building and use the information you’ve discovered. Tell stories of your clients. Tell them how other people have succeeded. Tell them about the strategies they used. You’re educating them, giving them information about where they can find more cash to invest, how they can do it creatively and ethically. Keep in mind, it’s not about you, it’s about them. You want to let them know that you have the knowledge and experience and skills to help them, and that you are working in their best interest.



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