The one thing you can do to take your business to the next level NOW! – Episode 67

There is no secret to moving yourself and your business to the next level. It only seems like a secret because like all business owners and entrepreneurs you get bogged down in the details and minutia of your business and can’t see the forest because of all the trees in your way. The big picture view is where the answer for your next level is. What is that answer? It’s people. In this episode of the Real Estate Power Hour Mark Evans, DM, DN is going to challenge you to hire someone. Straight up, that’s the call to action from this episode. Mark wants you to add someone to your team who can help you move it to the next level and in this episode he’s going to tell you how to do it, and more importantly, why you have to do it.

 If you say you need more time, but aren’t hiring people to help you in your business, you’re wasting your breath.

 Go ahead, bemoan the amount of time you don’t have while you continue doing the very same silly little things you’ve always done. You’ll continue to get the same results (or lack of them) that you’ve been getting up until now. You’ll never get more time. Never. UNLESS you hire someone to take some of the load you’ve been carrying. That will free up some of your time so you can do more important, more strategic things to move your business to that next level. If you’re not willing to do that, not brave enough to take that chance, you’ll never, ever get more time. Listen to Mark’s advice about hiring people on this episode.

 You need to begin thinking in terms of human capitalization.

 What IS human capitalization? It’s the rate at which you capitalize on the potential of the people within your organization. Right now, you may be the only person and chances are that you’re pretty tapped out in terms of time and energy. Solopreneurs are infamous for burning the candle at both ends. When that’s the case it’s only a matter of time until the ratio between your success and your effort begins to go down. That’s because you’re running out of steam, ideas, motivation, and vision. In that case you’ve got to add some others to the system, delegate some of what you’re carrying to someone else so that the work needed is done by more people. It will give both of you breathing room and opportunity at the same time. Hear more of Mark’s thoughts on human capitalization on this episode of The Real Estate Power Hour.

 Until you change, your outcomes cannot change.

 And the fundamental thing about you that needs to change is your mindset – in a number of areas. But let’s take this issue of adding people to your team as an example. You’ve already probably developed and even determined a mindset about adding staff to your business. If you are one of the many who have already decided that you can’t afford to hire another staff member, you’ve already limited yourself and your company from taking advantage of your most promising option. That thinking has to change. You’ve got to at least open your mind to the option of hiring someone else so that you can see the potential of what it could do for your business. Again, until you change, your outcomes cannot change. Find out more on this episode.

 Here’s Mark’s 7 day challenge…

 Hire somebody to help you with something within the next 7 days. It doesn’t have to be for a position in your business. It could be for something simple, like cleaning out your garage or washing your car. What you’ll find (if you pay attention) is that in doing so you’re going to have to learn a number of skills – evaluation, hiring skills, management of a person, clearly outlining the work to be done, etc. It’s going to give you much needed practice in the area of human capitalization that you can then take to your business and use to your advantage. Do it. Hire someone within the next 7 days. And if you do, contact Mark and let him know how it went, what you learned, and how you’re going to apply it in your business.


  • [1:12] Welcome. Here’s what to expect from this episode.
  • [1:50] Thank you for all the congratulations and gifts at the birth of Mark’s new little boy.
  • [3:18] [5:30] Begin thinking in terms of human capitalization, human resources.
  • [8:00] Your job as a business owner is to push others who work with you to a new and higher level.
  • [9:01] An example from Mark’s business of what is possible.
  • [12:07] If you say you need more time but are not hiring more people, you’ll never get it.
  • [13:49] Until you change, your outcomes cannot change.
  • [18:09] The only difference between the guy making millions and you.
  • [20:20] The kind of sacrifices you can make to hire the right person, and the dividends it will pay you.
  • [21:59] Baby steps you can take to help you learn to hire people.
  • [23:13] Where are you at? Where do you want to go? What are the next steps?
  • [24:06] Mark’s 7 day challenge to you.
  • [24:00] Your invitation to “Real Estate Phone Power.”

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