The ONLY way to advance your business volume 10 times what it is – Podcast 42

Mark is heading off to a cruise soon – time to hang out with the family and enjoy the life he’s built.

Mark used to be so strapped to his business operation from day to day that he couldn’t get away. Hew as trapped, stuck in a job he built for himself instead of having a business that served him and created the kind of life he wanted. So, h ow can a guy with a thriving, deal-making real estate business take off as much time as Mark does?

The trick is that he’s put systems and personnel in place that allow him to get away from the administrative stuff that runs the business and enjoy the fruit that’s coming from the business.

Today on the Real Estate Power Hour Mark is going to share with you how you can 10X your business. Not double. Not triple. But 10 times the volume and income so that you can do exactly what Mark does – live the life you want to live.

Here’s a clue: It’s impossible for you to 10X your business when you’re working by yourself. To double your business as an individual you simply have to work harder. That’s OK, if you have unlimited energy and time and health. But those things are not true of anyone, are they? If that’s the way it is to only double your business, what’s this talk about doing 10 times the volume and income? How is that possible?

It’s possible when you learn the power of systems, processes, and personnel. That’s the key… and that’s what Mark will be sharing with you on episode 42 of the Real Estate Power Hour. You need people (and quality people) to scale up your business. It’s the only way you can 10 times your business – and when you get the right people in place you can do 10X in business faster than you can double your business.

That means that YOU have to become a better leader. It’s leadership that makes the difference between making decent money and building wealth. Wealth is only built through building leadership – in yourself and in the competent people you put into place who run the vital systems and processes that make your business go. Mark has a COO, a sales manager, and office staff who handle everything that goes on in his business so that he can be out living his life. Mark is still involved in many ways, but the minutia of the daily operations are not his to deal with. Leadership made the difference.

And leadership means that you have to take responsibility for yourself by discovering what you stand for, what you’re all about in this world. When you find your center you will be able to clarify exactly how you are going to design and build your business. That’s how you’ll know the people you need and the systems that they need to manage.  That’s how you’ll be able to deal with the resistance that comes up against your goals. That’s the only way you can build the business and lifestyle you want. That’s what leadership is all about.


  • Mark’s upcoming cruise.
  • The reason Mark is able to live the live he wants
  • How to make your business do 10X what it is doing now
  • The power of the right people and the right systems
  • The role leadership plays in 10X-ing your business
  • Finding your core purpose is the clarifying piece. What do you stand for?
  • Resistance will come and you must deal with it
  • Thinking at a 10X level will change the way you do everything


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