Virtual Real Estate Investing – the real scoop – Episode 38

Mark’s kicking back with a cigar in Palm Beach, ready to give you the low-down on the reality of virtual real estate investing.

The facebook post that started it all…

A recent Facebook post drew a lot of attention when Mark commented on what makes a true “virtual investor.”

Virtual real estate investing is a new thing and Mark is one of the first people who went virtual. He’s living in Palm Beach but closing deals in other places, like Ohio. He’s able to do what he wants, where he wants, while still doing business at incredible levels just as he’s always done it. That’s what “virtual” provides. It’s the freedom you can have in your lifestyle while still doing great work that builds your business.

Everything to close a real estate deal can be done virtually, long-distance, in a way that never requires you to go to a closing or walk into a title company. It’s not that it’s a bad thing to go to a closing. Mark loves that aspect of the deal – meeting people and getting relationships to grow. But he’s not been to a closing since 2006, because he doesn’t have to and because he doesn’t need to. Mark has learned how to leverage other people and the power of a team to make his own lifestyle exactly what he wants while still making the deals happen.

Don’t misunderstand; virtual work still includes hard work. It’s not about being lazy or having nothing to do. It’s about working smarter instead of harder and creating the life you want. Mark has his business set so that it works with him or without him. There’s a team in place, a system that keeps working regardless of whether Mark is present or whether he answers his phone or not. He’s able to live spontaneously, to live the life of his dreams because he’s set up the systems and team to make it happen.

Mark’s sharing with you today because he wants you to reassess the things you’re doing to see how productive you’re really being and what you can do to make your lifestyle goals clearer and more achievable. Listen in. This is good stuff you have to understand.

Points covered in this episode

  • There’s been a Social Media explosion this week over a post mark posted. Here’s the details.
  • What does it mean to do virtual real estate investing?
  • Why is virtual work important and what can it accomplish for you?
  • Magician or mule, which are you?
  • What is your definition of work?
  • Why many people really go to closing.
  • In every area of life, you can always level-up.
  • The deal-a-thon and Hot Seat events are coming up. Contact Mark to secure your place.
  • The next show is all about team-building. Don’t miss it.


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