Why you have to get NAKED if you want full results – EPISODE 61

Mark’s new son has him all riled up. He’s got broader, bigger, more powerful goals on his mind because of the arrival of this little guy. As he holds his little boy he’s realizing the importance of legacy and sees more clearly what it really is. It’s not about the money or the success, it’s about the things that he can provide for his family to live a rich, full, meaningful life. In this episode of the Real Estate Power Hour Mark Evans, DM, DN is going to challenge you with the things that are bouncing around in his head since the birth of his son, and ask you one question: “When you stand before the mirror, naked, looking at who you really are, what questions should you be asking that will drive you to the next level?”

Why you should never listen to anyone who doesn’t have skin in the game.

Mark hears jokers around him all the time, people who are talking about this or that in the business world or in regard to the financial markets. They sound like they know what they’re talking about and certainly have big, strong opinions about things, but in the next breath they complain about having to work 40 hours a week and are thankful to be having time off. If they’re so smart when it comes to the business realm or the financial markets, why are they still working a 40 hour a week job? Why aren’t they putting their knowledge to work for themselves? The answer is simple: They’re posers. They’re not really as smart as they think. That’s why you should NEVER listen to anyone who doesn’t have skin in the game. If you do, you’ll lose – big. Listen in to this episode as Mark Evans, DM, DN tells you what you’ve got to do to begin building that family legacy today.

The ability to build a strong legacy is not in who you listen to, it’s in the questions you ask.

When you stand naked before the mirror, just you and nobody else, you’ve got to be able to ask and answer some very serious questions. Who are you? What do you stand for? What’s the purpose of your life? Is what you have now all there is? What do you need to do in order to move to the next level, and the next level, and the level after that? If you aren’t willing to ask those questions and come up with honest, gut-level answers, you’ll never begin taking steps to build a legacy that lasts far beyond your lifetime. You’ll never see your kids move into their adult lives with freedom and confidence that you had to scrape tooth and nail to develop. It starts now. In front of that mirror. Question at a time. Find out more on this episode of The Real Estate Power Hour.

The power of your vision combined with penetrating questions is what brings about your dream.

You’ve got to start with that clear picture of what it is you’re trying to achieve. Once you knjow it, you have to ask penetrating questions: Why do you want it? Why is it important? Why is it vital that you reach it? What is the impact on your family and your future if you reach it? Get those answers clear in your head, then begin moving forward. Those answers will dictate your actions every day, they’ll push you beyond mediocre, they’ll drive you to do that little bit more when everyone else is stopping. That’s what will motivate you long term. Get that vision and the answers to those questions clear in your mind, review them every day, then get moving.

Why do people with big vision get discouraged and quit?

It’s simple. They allow someone who doesn’t “get” their vision to penetrate it. They allow themselves to listen to the criticism that comes from people who don’t see what they see and maybe never will. They let the opinions of others matter more than the future they’re trying to achieve, and it stalls them out. You’ve got to get your vision clear and stick with it over the long haul. You’ve got to learn to remove the naysayers from the place of influence they have over you. It’s in your head and in your heard that you’ve got to do those things. It’s inside you that those kinds of changes happen. Listen to Mark’s rant today to find out how you can begin taking those steps to elevate your dreams and fire your friends.


  • [1:10] Mark’s wife Gina had the baby! Welcome to the world Mark S. Evans, III!
  • [1:38] Thoughts about the stock market – why you’re never in control of stocks, and a conversation Mark overheard.
  • [5:25] Mark’s excitement to be a Dad and how the new life is going.
  • [6:55] The reason Mark was put on the earth – the break the financial shackles of his family.
  • [7:48] What Mark’s child has done in real estate since he was born (just a week ago).
  • [8:55] How the experience of his child’s birth impacted Mark.
  • [10:15] Why there’s no such thing as perfection, just progress.
  • [11:12] Why building a legacy is something that you have to get started on, not just talking about.
  • [12:19] Forget the “get rich quick guy” and learn how to do things that matter.
  • [13:15] Getting yourself to the next step by looking in the mirror, looking at who you really are (getting naked).
  • [14:14] The importance of being a great steward of what you achieve.
  • [15:34] You have to work hard and smart in order to get your legacy rolling.
  • [16:26] How the Real Estate Power Hour has impacted many lives… and how it can help you.
  • [17:24] The big things your life can accomplish if you develop the right vision.
  • [18:21] It’s easy to get discouraged if you allow people to penetrate your vision.
  • [19:13] The power of your questions combined with your vision brings the outcome you desire.
  • [20:26] Why you’ll never do big things if you play small.
  • [22:23] Why high level people hire high level people and how pinching pennies provides a long, hard road toward success.
  • [24:36] How to elevate your questions and fire your friends.
  • [25:54] How you can learn something powerful from everything you experience.
  • [26:42] You are the only one who can change your future or the future of your kids.
  • [28:23] Why Mark is going to give his son permission to screw things up
  • [30:21] Why Mark and his team focus on results, not obstacles.
  • [32:06] What do you want in a year, 10 years, 20 years?
  • [32:41] The secret to massive success and a powerful legacy.


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