Will your family have opportunity or difficulty when you die? – EPISODE 56

This episode comes from a very deep place in Mark’s heart. It flows out of an experience he had this past weekend, sitting with a friend who was telling about a mistake he’d made. This man thought he was providing for his family. He thought he was investing his money in the right kind of insurance. But it turns out that all that money he’s spent on life insurance over the years is gone and he’ll never get it back – when he believed just the opposite. That conversation got Mark all fired up to talk to you today about providing massive opportunity for your family so that when you die, they’ll have a legacy, not a liability. That’s on today’s edition of The Real Estate Power Hour, with Mark Evans, DM, DN.

Cash, CDs, Stock Market – the 3 areas most people put their money

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Mark’s Rolls Royce Phantom

Most people are financially ignorant. It’s not that they’re stupid, they just don’t know any better. They only think of cash, Certificates of Deposit, or the stock market when they think about investing money, when in reality there are so many more ways to invest money that yield so much more return. Real estate is one of those, and it’s why Mark Evans is in the real estate investing business. He wants to make money for himself and his family, but also wants to help others get out of the limiting mindset that keeps them from building a financial legacy of their own.

Can you build a massive financial legacy for your family without exploiting others?

You bet you can. In fact, you can build that kind of legacy exactly BECAUSE YOU DON’T exploit others. That’s what Mark and his team are working to provide for their investors and clients every, single day. It goes against the common belief that people who are massively wealthy did something unsavory to get to that point. Sure, it may be true of some people but it doesn’t have to be the way that you build your legacy. There’s more recurring opportunities that come your way when you do business wisely, with integrity and care for people. In this episode Mark busts that that money-is-dirty myth wide open.

There’s no excuse for not building a legacy for your family

In this day and age you have every tool you need. The internet makes it possible for you to research and learn any topic you desire to, and you can become very knowledgeable about even the most complex financial issues in a very short matter of time. But you’ve got to take the initiative to make it happen. You’ve got to be the one to get off the couch and make things happen. And be careful too that you don’t let all the learning become an excuse for not taking action. Some people research and research and never get moving. Don’t let that happen to you. Learn and deploy. Learn and deploy. Find out how on this episode of the Real Estate Power Hour.

Build the legacy bigger by measuring the action you take

One of the key components of growing your business bigger and maximizing your profits is to measure every action you take. It sounds very bothersome, and in some ways it is, but it’s the step that enables you to know exactly what is working and what is wasting time. Without measuring you’re just taking a stab in the dark – repeatedly. You don’t know that you know that you know that what you’re doing actually yields the results you want. So learn how to measure your work. Learn how to refine your systems and procedures based on what you learn. You’ll find your business growing exponentially as you refine the things that work and eliminate the things that don’t. Find out more on this episode.


  • Mark’s fun on Periscope (@MarkEvansDm on Twitter) – giving weekly help via live Q & A video.
  • The story of a friend who thought he was leaving a financial legacy to his family but wasn’t.
  • Cash, CD, Stock Market – 3 places you can put your money, but would be stupid if you did.
  • How is it possible for people to gain massive wealth without exploiting others? – Financial literacy.
  • Why it’s your responsibility to educate yourself about financial things.
  • Insurance options and how setting up the right policy for your situation is vital.
  • Don’t let learning keep you from deploying, deploy as you learn.
  • A rare opportunity for those who have access to $5000 and want to move their financial world forward.
  • Why to grow at a massive level you have to be measuring the work you’re doing.
  • Why data drives your direction and drama bogs you down.



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