Your money mindset and how it impacts you, your success, and the welfare of the people around you. – Episode 31 of The Real Estate Power Hour.

Money Mindset – is yours right?

Today’s show comes to you from the insanely beautiful island paradise of Bora Bora. Really, it’s an amazingly stunning place. Here’s some photos from our visit and a video we shot while we were there.

Bora Bora Office bora bora on deck

The coaching tips you’ll receive in this episode are all about money, and your money mindset. Of course, Mark talks about money a lot on the Real Estate Power Hour show, but not like this. This is about the mindset that should exist behind your pursuit of money.

Why are you trying to gain money? What is the benefit that will come of it for you and for those around you? Do you know? Have you taken the time to answer those vital questions?

When you hear the word “money,” what emotion runs through you? Fear? Anger? Bitterness? Insecurity? Many people think that pursuing money is bad or wrong. Do you believe that? Is that part of what’s holding you back? Today Mark is going to challenge that mindset because it’s not about the money, it’s about the way that your life can be leveraged for greater benefit to your family, to charities, to those who work for you, and to those around you.

In this episode Mark challenges you to take a long hard look at your money mindset because what you think and what you understand about money dramatically impacts not only the way you deal with money but also the way you head toward financial success.

Listen in as Mark talks about the money mindset that can propel you to almost guaranteed success. He’s going to address motivation, obstacles, and new ways of thinking that will help you move ahead in your business pursuits so that you can improve the quality of your own life and the lives of the people around you.

Episode outline:

  • How do you feel when you hear the word “money?”
  • Your mindset about money will either hurt or help you and others.
  • You can develop a right money mindset to change your ability to provide for your family and bless others.
  • Asking yourself specific questions to get new results.
  • Begin thinking and dreaming bigger.
  • Learn to become specific about what will set you free financially.
  • How mindset impacts the reality of what you do in real estate investing.
  • The impact of mentoring on developing the right mindset.
  • It’s not about the money, it’s about the dream, the passion, the purpose.
  • Stop chasing the money and start helping people.
  • The journey is the fun part of the process.
  • Are you allowing other people or circumstances to limit your dreams?
  • You can change other people’s lives by reaching for your dreams.

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Mark mentioned that you need to learn how to sell -and referred to his episode on “Prescriptive Selling” – it’s powerful stuff –

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