Episode 40 – You’ve got to conquer fear if you’re going to be a successful real estate investor

Fear will kill you and cripple your future. You’ve got to learn how to overcome it.

Mark’s hanging out in Palm Beach preparing for a trip to Las Vegas as he records this episode. He’s also working on almost 40 deals right now but he’s taking the time out to talk to you about the monster that holds back so many people – FEAR. If you don’t conquer fear in the various ways it crops up in your life, you’ll always be on the down-side of life. Fear is all about your mindset, which is something you can control.

Your mind will talk you out of things instead of talking you into things. And you’re in the real estate investing business to get “in” to things – you’re IN-vesting, not OUT-vesting. You’ve got to have the strength to overcome fear and take steps into the deals that can really move you forward.

It’s your past problems and past experiences that hold you back. You think you’ve never done it before so you won’t be able to do it this time. There’s nothing true to that at all. The past has nothing to do with the present or the future except that it will hold you back from accomplishing more than you ever have.

If you’re not doing deals, you’re not a real estate investor. You have to be putting deals together consistently, and you have to push past the fear in order to do that. The fear will do nothing but keep you from making great gains in your life and business. You’ve got to get your mind into a rapid growth stage, a place where you can see the potential instead of the problems and take action on that potential. Your mind is the only thing that is holding you back, and fear resides in your mind. When your mind expands, the minds of others around you expand. You begin to see changes in your world, not just in yourself.

Ask yourself this question: “How can I accomplish 10 years worth of business in the next 6 months?” That question will push you outside your comfort zone and get you thinking beyond the fear. You’ll have to break down that dream into practical action steps that you can implement to move forward in spite of the fear.


  • Many deals going on, one for $3 million.
  • The importance of talking yourself INTO deals instead of OUT of deals.
  • Fear is always there, pulling you back. But you can learn to harness the feeling and move forward.
  • Everything you do is based on numbers, not feelings. Fear is a feeling you have to overcome.
  • The only thing that’s holding you back is your mind, your beliefs.
  • Mark’s invitation to the upcoming Deal-A-Thon
  • A powerful question to help you get outside the fear-zone and into the action zone.


The Deal-A-Thon is coming up – Contact Mark to find out more




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